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Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

Clash of the Titans v9.1.0 PPC WVGA

Clash of the Titans v9.1.0 WVGA
Requirements: WM6.1 - WM6.5 - WVGA
Overview: Embark on a quest to prevent the god of the underworld from seizing power!

Battle through Medusa's temple and other landmarks, collect legendary treasures, upgrade your powers and defeat powerful creatures from Greek mythology.
Experience epic action inspired by the official Clash of the Titans movie!

Altering the beast

But while its lead might be an example of how things have moved on, Glu's Clash of the Titans couldn't be much more firmly rooted in the past. Though it's not a side-scroller – it's view instead from the top down – this is a hack and slasher of old, with a few nods to the RPG genre thrown in for good measure.

In fact, there's more than a little of Sega's much-maligned Altered Beast about the goings on here, most notably because of the array of largely disgusting creatures and animals you're charged with taking on.

You move through each level taking your sword to absolutely everything you encounter. Killing each foe – which is usually a case of repeatedly hammering the '5' key – rewards you with credit which you can trade in for upgrades at the end of each stage.


It's here that the RPG elements come into play, your choices essentially determining just how effective your attacks are or how much damage you take when you're hit.

It's fairly light stuff, with the game thankfully not foraging too much down the points path. Instead, Clash of the Titans falls back on platforming staples, the linear levels coming with hazards aplenty and bosses that keep to set patterns of attack.

Anyone who indulged in this kind of play during those 16 bit years will view much of Clash of the Titans fondly as a result, but they'll also likely get tired quickly. There's nothing wrong with reflecting on the past but, much like the film itself, Clash of the Titans may have been served better in the long run by something a little more original.



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