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Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Blackberry Apps

This Post Includes, Flashlight, Flipside and Mobile Bartender

Flashlight - Turn your BlackBerry into a portable flashlight or a mirror using this unique and extremely affordable application! Capable of running for up to 30 minutes!!! Choose from FIVE VIVID colors! Also turns on the LED of your BlackBerry.

Flipside - Imagine using your trackball to swoosh through the album covers of your music. FlipSide turns your BlackBerry into your favorite MP3 player.

Mobile Bartender - Tired of ordering the same drink each time you're out at the bar? Looking for a fun new shot to order with your friends? With Mobile Bartender in your BlackBerry, you'll be armed with an impressive knowledge of cocktails, shots and drop shots at the touch of a button.

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Kalo Suka Kasi Rate-nya Donk !!!

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